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Concert Etiquette Tips

Many times, those new to classical music are apprehensive about attending concerts. Relax, classical music isnít as intimidating as you think! Use the tips on this page as a starting point to help you have the full PASE experience, whether it is your first time attending an orchestral concert or you are a seasoned concertgoer. Be comfortable
There is no set dress for concerts. Some patrons like to dress more formally and wear suits and dresses, while others opt for the comfort of jeans and t-shirts. Wear what makes you comfortable and best represents yourself.
Learning when it is proper to applaud is often tricky. When the conductor drops his arms and turns around, it usually indicates that this is the end of a piece. If you are not sure, take a cue from those around you.
Be prompt
Doors will open 15 minutes before the concert begins. PASE staff will be on-site, to assist you before the concert begins. Arriving at the concert location late runs the risk of your not being allowed into the concert.
Late Seating
If you arrive after a performance has begun, the PASE staff will do their best to seat you during an appropriate pause in the program. However, late seating is not always available at all performances. Please try to be on time.
Be courteous
Electronic devices:
Cell phones, watch alarms, pagers, cameras, and other electronic devices should be turned off prior to performances in the concert locatrion. These devices could cause a disturbance and are a distraction to musicians and other patrons.
Even the quietest whispers can be heard in the concert hall and can prove to be a distraction to patrons and musicians alike. Save your comments until intermission or after the concert, it will give you and your friends much more to discuss.

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